Allow Nicky Hartel to lovingly take you through your own personalized soul readings and receive divine guidance and messages related to where you are in your life right now.

Nicky will take you through a process of connecting with your higher self and help you access the divine spark inside of you. The messages you receive come in the form of guidance, and not future predictions. It’s a beautiful and gentle way of receiving divine guidance to help you experience a life filled with joy, freedom and love.

A soul reading is a powerful way to connect in to divine messages linked to you, helping you move forward with a clearer understanding.

You will receive a message for each of these areas:

  • You and your soul Your heart (what your heart desires)
  • Your strengths 
  • Your lessons
  • Your head (what you show to the world) 
  • Your energy (where your energy goes)
  • Your path (what you need and where you are going)

Cost: R450 / $45

This spread helps you to have a deeper understanding and clarity linked to your relationships; for example romance, family, work, friends and/or any other relationship.


  • Me Now
  • My strengths and hopes
  • My weakness and fears
  • My perception of the relationship

Other person

  • Their Now
  • Their strengths and hopes
  • Their weaknesses and fears
  • Their perception of the relationship


  • Now
  • Possibilities for future
  • Overall message

Cost: R750 / $75

Receive divine inspiration to help you get clarity and move forward in your business.

You will receive messages linked to:

  • The issue or present situation
  • The recent past or background of the situation
  • The present and how this is affecting you now
  • Obstacles or negative influences
  • Positive aspects and influences
  • Key to success
  • Where you are headed

Cost: R650 / $65

A beautiful and simple connection to the divine offering you messages about what is:

  • Behind you
  • Within you
  • Before you

Cost: R350 / $35