Not Your Ordinary Sales Funnel

Apr 27, 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Lovely people… Today we are going to put the FUN into FUNNEL.

So, what is a funnel you may well be asking? It is simply a process of leading your ideal client on a journey from learning about you and your biz to making a sale.

Putting a marketing and sales funnel in place is critical to growing your business. Many people make the mistake of getting their website and social media pages up and running, and then they sit and wait for the magic to happen.

Well, it won’t happen.

We need to pull your ideal client in and weave a magic path for them to walk along in order to move them from simply being a potential client to being an active and engaged paying client. In doing this, you are leading them from where they are to where they need to be.

Yes, they NEED to be there. They NEED your service or product, otherwise, they wouldn’t be your ideal client.

Now, a typical sales funnel looks like this: In a nutshell,

  1. You want to make your ideal client aware of you so that they know you exist, so that
  2. You can make them feel understood by giving them valuable insight into how to solve their specific problems, therefore
  3. Leading them to the point where they are looking to you to make recommendations for them because they now know, like and trust you

Bring on the sales!


What I would like to add to this typical marketing and sales funnel is a bit of heart and soul.

So let’s take the boring Marketing and Sales Funnel and turn it into a Client Love Journey where we connect to the heart and soul of our clients. A client love journey is way more juicy and fun because it is real and authentic.

Out with the sleazy salesman and in with the connected and soulful entrepreneur.

  • Be authentically you, and
  • Provide real value.

And, the easiest way to provide real value is to understand what your client wants and needs.

Many people think about what they know and create content around that. But, what you should be doing is getting into the heart and soul of your client and creating content around them by solving their immediate problems. In doing this, your ideal client will feel understood. You will not only create an emotional connection, but you will start cementing trust.

Here are a few questions to help you get some insight into your ideal client. Grab a pen and finish these sentences:

  1. My ideal client is trying to:
  2. My ideal client is constantly making these mistakes:
  3. My ideal client keeps hitting the same wall because:
  4. My ideal client’s biggest fear is:

Out of these answers, you should be able to start identifying problems that you can solve for them. These problems will form the basis for the content you can share on your Client Love Journey.

Now, it is important to have a thread that runs through your content. So, when choosing your content topics, remember to link them together. One way to ensure your problems follow a logical path. As you solve one problem, what would the next logical problem be? And the next? And so you create and share content. Let’s look at your biz and your ideal client. Can you write down three problems that your ideal client faces?

WHOOOHOOO! You are half way there to mapping out your Client Love Journey.

Onwards and Upwards!

Yours in #bizlove



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