More YOU means more business

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Leonardo Di Caprio is quoted as saying: “It’s business! Leave your emotions at the door.”

Do you agree that business has nothing to do with emotions?  Are you able to keep your emotions out of your business? Does this work for you?

You can’t deny that when you feel good, your ability to work is greatly improved. When your mood is up, it’s so much easier to stay motivated and get into the flow of work.

And when you are feeling down and uninspired, there is no doubt that “doing the work” is that much harder.

Not only that, when you are lucky enough to do what you love, work that lights you up and inspires you, you feel good. Yes?

Don’t you want to run a business that makes you feel good, that keeps you on your toes, that has you jumping out of bed in the morning with a gazillion inspirational ideas.

I have close friends and family who literally fall into a slump of depression on a Sunday night, dreading Monday.

That’s no way to live. 

If you run your own business and you feel overwhelmed, stressed and want to run away, it’s time to think about why you started your business in the first place.

Want to know what I believe?

**I believe in running a business that is filled with emotion!

**In fact, I believe that your emotions should be your guiding light, leading you through the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

**I believe YOU are an integral part of your business and if you want to grow your business, we need to grow YOU.

We need to grow your understanding of:
* what makes you tick,
* what inspires you,
* what your strengths are, and
* what your weaknesses are so that we can take powerful, inspired and informed action.

That’s what makes the CELESTIAL BUSINESS BUILDING WORKSHOP so unique and effective.

We get unique insight into your blueprint – it’s essentially your life-map beautifully illuminated by the planets.

We can see what type of work will and won’t work for you. We can see your positive traits as well as helping you shift your perceived negative traits into powerful tools to help you grow.


from this place of understanding and awareness …


*we create a soul-inspired vision,
*we clarify your messaging,
*we connect into your dream client, and
*we put an action plan in place.

Nadine and I are already jumping over the moon with excitement about taking a group of business owners through this unique and powerful process.

The combination of divine guidance coupled with practical business tools is not only unique but extremely effective in helping you find clarity and move forward with purpose and in alignment.

If you feel like your business needs a boost; if you are tired of going around in circles and you are ready to catapult your business forward then we would absolutely love to have you join us.

You can find all the info on this page.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me back.

If you aren’t in PE, but would still like to go through this process over Skype, please let me know and we can set it up.

We are also launching an online mastermind very soon, which will be based on the same principles.

Here’s to YOU and keeping ALL OF YOU in the mix and in your business, helping you fall into a beautiful and consistent flow of fun, clients, inspiration and moolah!

Yours in #BigBizLove


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