Good question!

What is the point of having an online presence if you aren’t going to get any business out of it?

Well, there is no point. It’s like living at the beach but never going there to enjoy a long walk on the soft sand or a dip in the sea. You are missing out big time!

So, what can we do about it? If you don’t feel comfortable selling your services on Social Media, you aren’t alone. Many people are “afraid” that they will turn their customers away if they start pushing for sales. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways of getting your message out there, of growing leads and ultimately increasing your sales through social media without coming across as pushy.

Here’s how:

Be Yourself

Take a deep breath, stop worrying about what people will think and just “be yourself” online. Your youness (if that is even a word) will shine through because you are being authentic and true to you. Whether you are networking online or networking face-to-face, people who are confidently showing up as themselves stand-out – their enthusiasm, their passion and their light shines bright (like a diamond) – cue the music – sorry Rihanna, I couldn’t resist.

Add Value

We have all heard this, but are we applying it? Adding value doesn’t mean just giving tips. It means figuring out what information you can give that will make a REAL difference. Let’s take a restaurant consultant – his job is to help a restaurant save money through implementing systems and controls. He could simply post a few tips now and then or he could dig deep and give away real hands on tactics that a restaurant owner could apply immediately and start seeing results. Instead of “Tip no. 1 – Ensure your menu is designed to limit wastage”.. he could write a blog post explaining exactly how to do this in detail and provide them a working template – giving an in-depth understanding of their menu in new way.

But, aren’t I giving away too much information? Surely, If I hand it to them on a platter, they won’t need me?

Yes, there might be a few leeches in the crowd but you don’t really want to work with leeches anyway, do you? If what you are giving away is really AUTHENTIC, VALUABLE and ACTIONABLE, then most people will start:

  • Liking you
  • Trusting you
  • Wanting more from you

Whooohoo! That’s exactly where you want to be, right? But, before you run off into the sunset and start creating valuable content, remember to

Be consistent

This is where the work comes in. Yes, you might want your online presence and social media pages to magically take care of themselves but the truth is, it takes planning and time. You need to consistently be posting information and sharing information, building trust and positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

And guess what, when you get into it, although it might be work, it is fun. What could be more fulfilling than genuinely helping people by sharing your knowledge andmaking a meaningful impact on other people.

That’s nothing to be balked at.

When you start REALLY changing people’s lives for the better, your whole business will shift, momentum will start building and yes, them clients will come knocking.

Sell to help (not sell to sell)

Ok, so let’s imagine you are doing everything right – you are posting valuable content, you are posting consistently, you are being seen more as more as the go-to-gal (or guy) in your field …. but you still aren’t making money.

It could be that you aren’t positioning a purchase and asking for a sale. As simple as that. All your efforts need to be linked to a high level plan. Imagine that you are walking down a passage alongside your ideal client. As you walk, you are sharing your insight, your knowledge, your expertise. As you walk, you start building rapport, you start building a relationship and you become more and more at ease with each other.

Now, if you are never asking for a sale, this passage just goes on forever, and really what is the point of that? This passage needs to be taking your ideal client from point A to point B. In other words it needs to take him from where he is now (a place where he needs help), to a place where he is experiencing the most amazing outcomes because of your service.

Best way to do that is to tell him how you can help him. Yup, I mean sell to him. It would be pretty awful to leave him in the passage and never help him get to the other side. You see, you are genuinely helping him because you can see his problem and you know you can help, and because you have been walking together for a while, he knows YOU can help him TOO. So when you do put a package together and promote it online, it won’t feel salesy and your peeps will thank you – it’s a win win.

Now go out, get planning and have fun!

Until next time,


*Thanks to Zoolander, my pushy pug, for graciously posing for this pic!


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