Getting to the core (or soul) of your biz

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You want to build a tribe? People that get what you stand for, and support you? People who look to you for recommendations and advice?

That’s called building trust. And the best way to build trust is to be authentic. Roll your eyes if you will, but there is no doubt that authenticity is “the thing” that sells. Because it is real.

When you stand firm in your beliefs, and you sell something from this strong belief – it creates magic. Ever witnessed someone who is passionate? You can feel their energy – you are almost drawn into their world. Compare this to someone who is “iffy” about what they do, and well – you can feel the blandness.

So, if you run your own business – it’s time to check in and assess how much passion flows through your day. One way of measuring this is to look at how you react when people ask you what you do. Is it clear? Does it carry the energy of your beliefs and values? Or do you mumble along, dishearteningly?

If you stumble over your words, it’s time to create a core brand statement. This statement is a short succinct description of what it is you do. It carries the essence of your business and brand.

In order to work out your core brand statement, you need to identify what is important to you. What is the belief that your business affirms in the world? What is the underlying intention or common thread that holds your business together?

Remember, you can’t expect your customers to really feel your brand if you aren’t clear on the feeling, the essence and central values of your biz.

So what is a core brand statement?

A core brand statement forms the foundation of your biz – you might think you know the essence of your biz  BUT until you have written it down, well – it’s still floating around and not rooted down. So, we need to put pen to paper and nail this baby.

To help you along, here are a few examples of core brand statements. You will notice that these statements carry the core belief so beautifully:

  • Levis – Quality never goes out of style
  • T R Becker – Your inner world creates your outer world
  • The Anderson Group – Curiosity is a pre-requisite
  • The Support Room – It’s what you do offline that helps you grow your business online
  • Gandhi – Be the change you wish to see in the world

and these statements are:

  • Simple,
  • Clear,
  • Powerful,
  • Meaningful

Right, let’s get cracking…

We are going to brainstorm some ideas to lead you to your core brand statement. Switch off any distractions and focus on these questions. Don’t over-think anything. Just write.

If you were to become known as an activist, what one cause do you think it would be for? Why

Why did you start your business

Now, look at your above answer and tell me WHY again? For example, if you said you want to start a business to make a difference in the world, answer why you want to make a difference in the world. If you are struggling, use the words SO THAT..

Picture yourself standing in front of a room full of your ideal clients – you literally have them staring at you and hanging on every word. You can only give them ONE piece of advice. What would it be

Are there any challenges you have faced personally that you would like to help your ideal clients avoid/overcome

Name 2 people you admire and give reasons why you admire them

What do you want to be remembered for when you die

What are your top five business values

Think of your business as a tree with each branding representing aspects of your business. If you had to describe the qualities of your tree trunk, which holds everything together, how would you? These will become your Key Brand Indicators.

For my business, my KBI’s are Calm Influencer, Powerful Inspiration or Bold Adventure or Simple Elegance. 

There is no right or wrong. Just think of your business and choose two or three words that hold the essence of what your business stands for.

Almost there! Finally, read through your answers and see if you have any AHA moments or thoughts.

Now, write down any ideas that spring to mind when thinking of your core brand statement. 

Remember, it is a work in progress – I wrote out about ten or fifteen in the beginning before I settled on my final choice “It’s what you dream about offline that helps create an abundant business online”.

Your business will always be shifting and changing. Getting this down is important but don’t feel like it has to be set in stone forever.

When you have your core brand statement and key brand indicators defined, it forms the basis of your brand. With every email, every decision and every interaction with your clients, you can refer back to see if you are in alignment with the essence of your biz.

This, lovely people, is the foundation of branding.

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Onwards and Upwards!

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