Detox should be a dirty word

I have just come out of a 10-day detox – no wheat, sugar, dairy, meat or caffeine.

My motivation?

>> More energy
>> To be healthy
>> To have a clear head
>> To release toxins

In order to be able to:
>> Be a better mom and wife
>> Be a better business women

And boy, did I have toxins!

The result?

I collapsed. Into a heap. With a fever, and a headache, and aching muscles like I have never experienced before. I could not lift my head off the pillow. I had to cancel workshops, meetings and other work commitments.

I am just on the other side – the only remnants of the detox are swollen glands which I am hoping will go away soon.

The lesson?

Don’t detox! It should be a dirty word!!!

Nah, just kidding. The benefits of detoxing are still great. I can only say this now, but during the detox, I felt so sorry for myself – like I had man-flu!

So, I won’t be forcing my body into a strict detox next time.

Rather, I plan to:

>> be gentle on myself
>> take it slow
>> listen to my body
>> relax into it

Just like life, right?

Life should be EFFORT-LESS.

Less Effort. Less Hard Work. Less Resistance. Less Banging your head against a wall!

LESS effort equals MORE ease.

More Ease? Yes, please!

Who doesn’t want a more relaxed, stress-free, chilled and peaceful existence?

But Nicky, we need to put effort in if we want to get anywhere in life!!

Yes, yes – I hear ya – but there’s effort which is heavy, which you dread, which you avoid, which leaves you anxious and tense… and there’s effort that is easy, relaxed, fun, joyful …

The second version doesn’t sound much like effort, hmmm?

Sounds more like ease, right?

Taking action that feels right, light and flows.

I always imagine walking on water and as I walk, these big beautiful stones just appear in front of me, taking me in the right direction.

I’m not sticking my head under-water looking for those dratted stones so I can continue walking, I’m not walking backwards because I know those old familiar stones … no, I’m moving forward with ease (and a spring in my step).

Relating back to the detox …

… when I attempt it again, I will probably detox one thing at a time – and slowly build on it .. but more importantly, I am going to make healthy choices every day. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” And guess what, healthy choices includes having a treat now  and then, because everything in life is about balance.

Now, ask yourself, do you find life and living, and working, and just existing an EFFORT or are you bouncing joyfully from one stone to the next, with ease?

If you are, like many, on the EFFORT LOTS rather than the EFFORTLESS wheel, don’t beat yourself up. The magic about life is that every day is a new day. And no-one can control how you FEEL, other than you.

So tomorrow, choose to feel good, even if it’s just for a minute. Take one thing in your life, or around you – just one thing, and feel the appreciation flood through your body. Just one minute. You can do it!

Already, your day will be off to a better start.

Wishing you all heaps of meaning and magic in your lives!

Yours in #BigBizLove

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