Up And Coming Workshops And Retreats

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Workshops & Retreats

Hello daring dreamer, We have so many workshops coming up that I wanted to keep you in the loop. Please find all the details below: CHAKRA AND WEALTH ALIGNMENT Please join me, Nicky Hartel, in this beautiful Chakra and Wealth Alignment meditation. We will start by activating and balancing your 12 chakras and at the same time open you up to receiving and attracting infinite abundance. Please bring a blanket in case it’s a bit chilly. Date: This coming Wednesday 16th of August Venue: 6a Elliot Street, Richmond Hill Time: 10:30 – 12h00 Price: R150 Please email nicky@thesupportroom.co.za to book OR pay online here:https://thesupportroom.co.za/meditation-session-pay DREAM-MAPPING AND GOAL SETTING By far, my favourite and most transformational workshop. Open yourself up to getting what you want out of life. By the end of this workshop you will: + Have clarity, focus & direction + Have tangible tools to use to create a life you love + Be clear on a future direction for your life + Have created your very own Dream Map + Have devised a Big Soul Aligned Goal to inspire you + Have a renewed zest and energy for life + Have given yourself time to focus on YOU This workshop is truly magical and transformational. If you feel like there is more to life and you are ready to shift, then please join me as I facilitate this gentle but powerful process. Date: Friday 18th August Venue: 6a Elliot Street, Richmond Hill Time: 09h30 – 16h30 Price: R850 Please email nicky@thesupportroom.co.za to book OR pay online here: https://www.thesupportroom.co.za/dream-mapping-workshop-pay-now CREATIVE BIZ BUILDING VISUALISATION WORKSHOP GET CLEAR ON THE WAY FORWARD FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS. Join me, Nicky Hartel, as l help you visualise and get crystal clear on: + Why you are in business + The essence of your business and your brand + Your ideal client + A renewed direction for your business THIS IS NOT A TYPICAL BUSINESS WORKSHOP: We are going to tap into your inner wisdom through different creative visualisations and uncover what it is you truly want. This workshop is for you if: + You feel like you are going around in circles? + You have heaps of ideas and can’t decide what it is you want/need to do first? + You know deep down that the foundation of your business needs a little bit of work? + You have a brand but you aren’t in love with it? + You are frustrated with your current client base? + You would like to bring in more business? + You are starting out a new business and want to get the ball rolling? + You are open to trying new creative ways of getting clarity in your business? Date: Wed 23rd August Venue: 6a Elliot Street, Richmond Hill Time: 09h30 – 13h00 Price: R550 Please email nicky@thesupportroom.co.za to book OR pay online here: https://www.thesupportroom.co.za/business-building-pay-now SOUL MAPPING RETREAT Join the SOUL MAPPING RETREAT where you will spend three relaxing days working on your dreams and goals, and leave with a map that aligns with your soul purpose, and the stars. This magical retreat is set to take place at Avoca River Cabins, a picturesque riverside resort in the Eastern Cape. Nicky Hartel, business owner and daring dreamer, will take you through a Dream Mapping process to uncover your innermost desires and reveal your soul purpose. In the following days, Nadine Ceronio, our gifted astrologist, will co-create your life map in alignment with the stars and your newly discovered soul purpose. Are you ready to say yes to living the life of your dreams? Dates: 8 – 10 September 2017 Price: R3950 Venue: Avoca River Cabins (includes accommodation and meals) Life’s too short – and you’re too important – to miss out on this opportunity. Please email nicky@thesupportroom.co.za to book OR pay online here: http://www.thesupportroom.co.za/soul-mapping-pay Big love and heaps of abundance to you all, Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions at all. Nicky​ Yours in #BigDreams Nicky


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