Having run her own business for over 10 years, Nicky Hartel is perfectly positioned to provide practical and meaningful business coaching and support to help you move forward.

Nicky offers a fresh approach to business coaching. She combines creative visualisations, mindset workand practical strategies to help you get clear and map a way forward.


Nicky is passionate about helping women fully express their talents, dreams and potentials so that they can live a life of their dreams… which means living a life in alignment with their unique soul purpose.

This can only result in living a life filled with meaning, magic and moolah.


Allow Nicky Hartel to lovingly take you through your own personalized soul readings and receive divine guidance and messages related to where you are in your life right now.

Nicky will take you through a process of connecting with your higher self and help you access the divine spark inside of you. The messages you receive come in the form of guidance, and not future predictions. It’s a beautiful and gentle way of receiving divine guidance to help you experience a life filled with joy, freedom and love.