15 Best Podcasts For High-Vibe Female Entrepreneurs (2018)

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When I first heard of the term “podcast” I was confused. To me, the idea of podcasts seemed archaic – why would we revert back to what is essentially just a talk radio show when we have tons of other resources like social media and streaming services? When would I find the time to listen to them? What value could a podcast offer that a blog post couldn’t?

It was not until a long bus ride to Berlin one winter evening that I decided to see what all the fuss was about.  My friend was sitting along side me, headphones on and laughing hysterically as our fellow passengers glanced over with an all-too-familiar look of German disapproval.

I leaned over to see what she was listening to.

“My Dad Wrote A Porno.”

With a name like that, I was curious to say the least. I opened my podcast app and typed it in.

And in that moment, I made my greatest discovery since M&M’s and popcorn.

(Don’t judge me. It’s delicious.)

I listened as the host, accompanied by his two best friends and a wicked sense of humour, dissected an erotic novel written by his own father.  It was a book so bad it was brilliant. Every sentence had me laughing louder than the last.

It was official: I was hooked.

And it wasn’t long before I realised that the world of podcasts goes far beyond the realms cringeworthy erotica.

I discovered that out of the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, there are also many that inspire and educate.

There are podcasts for women like you and me.

Podcasts for badass female entrepreneurs.

Podcasts for spiritual business leaders.

Podcasts about marketing and podcasts about achieving your goals.

Inspirational interviews with influential people.

Guided meditation podcasts.

The list is endless.

They were all there and ever since I discovered them, I’ve been in a state of constant learning. It’s like a library full of FREE resources. As girl boss with big dreams and not a lot of time, podcasts have been a game changer.

Which is why I wanted to share my top 15 podcasts with you this week. In my opinion, these are the best podcasts for high-vibe female entrepreneurs who are in need of daily inspiration on the go.

Unless, of course, you’re more into tales of the underground sex scene in the pots and pans industry. In that case, I suggest sticking with My Dad Wrote A Porno 😉

  1. The Goal Digger Podcast

If there’s a high priestess for all things boss lady, I would say Jenna Kutcher is it. Her personality is simply magnetic, and she and her guests share really juicy, actionable advice about growing your biz online several times a week.

Listen on iTunes here.

2.  Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield is another big name in the world of online marketing, and for good reason. She shares advice on how to grow your email list and other proven digital marketing strategies. And how can you go wrong with guests such as Neil Patel and, her own mentor, Marie Forleo?

Listen on iTunes here.


  1. The Marie Forleo Podcast

I probably don’t need to introduce Marie Forleo to you – she’s pretty much a living legend in the world of entrepreneurship. The podcast features audio clips from her award winning YouTube show, Marie TV – the place to be to create a business and life you love. Sounds right up your alley, right? There’s a reason why Oprah called her a thought leader for the next generation.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. The Highest Self Podcast

Sahara Rose provides a young, refreshing take on modern spirituality and, by extension, running an online business with soul. Trained in the ancient practice of Ayurveda, Sahara talks about health, wellness, finding your purpose and connecting to your highest self.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. Manifest This!

Manifest This! Is a podcast that is designed to ground modern spirituality through conversations that make sense. Ashley and her guests cover topics like manifestation, dreams, self-love, astrology and more. Expect to finish every episode with a deep sense of peace and realignment.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. Woke and Wired

If I had to choose a favourite podcast, this would probably be it. Ksenia Avdulova speaks about expanded consciousness and digital entrepreneurship in one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard. She’s real, she offers a fresh perspective and she has conversations with industry change makers that will leave you feeling incredibly inspired.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself is hosted by the lovely Blair Badenhop, a branding and copywriting expert who works with wellness entrepreneurs. Every week Blair interviews successful female business owners, discussing what it takes to create a strong personal brand in an industry that has become so saturated.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. The Positive Head Podcast

Hosted by Brandon Beachum, this daily podcast serves the purpose of providing you with soul food for thought. Every day Brandon speaks about expanded consciousness, reads from enlightening books and plays clips from various spiritual teachers. This one’s for you if you love the woo!

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. Meditation Minis Podcast

Whether you want to grow your meditation practice or simply just de-stress, this podcast is for you. Chel Hamilton’s quick meditations are perfect for business women who want to meditate, but either don’t have the time or simply aren’t quite sure where to begin.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. Being Boss

This one is for the boss babes. This podcast is packed with insights on what it means to be a successful creative entrepreneur. Some episodes are an hour long, while others only last 10 minutes, so you’ll be able to soak in some juicy content no matter your schedule.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. The Lively Show

This podcast takes a closer look at what it means to live in the now, and in doing so creating a more fulfilling life. Jess Lively speaks about meditation, the law of attraction and how to flow into your dream life (and dream business!) Plus she’s reading my all time favourite book, A New Earth, in the thumbnail!

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. Earn Your Happy

If you need to jumpstart your motivation and inject some energy into your day, Earn Your Happy is a great place to start. This podcast is all about elevating your life, relationships and, of course, business and having a ton of fun along the way.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. Girlboss Radio

This podcast is all about female power. Listen as host, Sophia, has honest, enlightening conversations with successful women from all aspects of life. If you are feeling uninspired today, this podcast is sure to change that.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. The Lavendaire Lifestyle

I first came across Aileen of Lavendaire when she was a guest on the Highest Self Podcast, and instantly loved what I heard. Aileen speaks about personal growth and living a life you love. Her episodes also often centre on creating a mindful business in the digital era, incorporating practical business advice to compliment other topics such as dealing with anxiety and living a zero waste lifestyle.

Listen on iTunes here.

  1. Lead With Love: Creativity, Business & Life with Jadah Sellner

“If you have a desire to use your gifts, do meaningful work, and help people while making a difference in the world, you’re in the right place.” I mean, does it get better than that? Host, Jadah Sellner, and her guests delve deep into what it means to build communities and grow businesses that have an impact. If there’s a podcast for women who want to make a difference, this is it.

Listen on iTunes here.


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