Work for LOVE, not MONEY.

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Anyone else tired of hearing coaches sprout about working with them in order to learn how to make 6 or 7 figures with ease?

Argggghhhhh – it makes my tummy tumble around in all sorts of unhappiness.

Picture me, poolside, sipping cocktails.
Picture me, apple mac resting on my tanned legs, with my toes pointing to the sea.
Picture me, in my palatial home doing a FB live.
Picture me now pretending to vomit.

I know, I know, sell people what they want and then give them what they need.

I get that concept.

But not to the point of faking who I am.

Not with forgetting my own values.

And not for money.

That’s my key point.

I don’t work for money. I work for love.

And you can roll your eyes at me, you can call me corny and you can tell me I need to get real.

But there’s nothing more real than working in alignment. There’s nothing more real than being able to stand in your own truth. There’s nothing more real than living out the full expression of who you are.

Seriously. Nothing compares!!!! Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. Zip.

Because living out your truth is way more satisfying than making money.

Doing what you love and being able to live out your dream is something sumptuous. I have moments when I realize that the work that I do, the stuff of doing, the stuff I call work … is mind-blowing, awesome, inspiring, love amplifying, goose-bump making stuff and all I want to pinch myself.

I literally want to pinch myself all over to make sure that it is really happening. And I ask myself:

Is this real?

Am I really able to do this?
And call it work?

And when the answer is yes, I want to explode with happiness. Yes, Nicky, you are working and having fun. Yes, Nicky, this is real. You are creating magic in your life and the lives of others. Yes, Nicky, you are smack bam in the middle of your mind-blowing dream.

So, the problem is that I am not sure how to “sell” this “feeling”, this “reality”? Will people resonate with the concept of feeling ignited when they work? Will people understand that being in alignment or feeling “lit up” as they work is priceless?

Do all people really care about is money?


Is that the only thing that sells when trying to help people grow a business?

I hope not.

I hope that you are striving for more.

More juiciness. More fun. More love. More adventure. More realness. More impact. More of you.

And yes, guess what, more moolah too.

You feel me?

If yes, let me know.

If no, let me know too.

I am open to all ideas. And I do believe that making money is important. We need it to survive in this world and money can help us do great things.

But, we can also do great things without money.

So, what is our intention?

Is our intention to make money or to make an impact?

I would love to hear your comments.

Big love,

Are you ready to launch your dream biz?

And start living the life you love? On your own terms!


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