OMG – I am not sure about you, but 2018 was crrraaazeeeee
In so many ways!
For so many reasons!

Energetically, I am ready to leave 2018 behind and never look back, but when life knocks you off your feet, it always leaves you with a golden nugget hidden in the chaos- if you can manage to dust yourself off and find it, that is!

So, I ask you … if you have had a tough year, have you found your golden nugget yet? 
Because, if your year was as bat shit crazy as mine, then you need to find the silver lining, the lesson, the gift to make it all worth it!

Otherwise it was just another crazy year. And if you haven’t found the lesson and processed it, then you might experience the same lesson in another way, likely equally as hard.

So, my lesson?
I learnt that I wasn’t supporting myself. The irony, considering my business is called The Support Room, right? 

I was not giving myself the time, the nourishment and the love that I deserve .. from me to me. 

And so, my body just collapsed, literally. It took four weeks, and an official diagnosis of glandular fever for me to start looking after me. The morning after the doctor gave me permission to rest, I did that .. I rested … without guilt, without thoughts of what I needed to do or where I needed to be, I just rested … for the first time. 

So, big lesson learnt – golden nugget of true self-care and self-love received and adjustments made. Now 2018 is a year I am deeply grateful for, because it means I go into 2019 stronger and more determined that ever to shine my light.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It is better to light a candle, than curse the darkness.”

I choose to light a candle! I choose to light my own inner light! Are you with me?

Because the truth is there is ALWAYS light at the end of the dark tunnel. Please believe it! I came back into my business after struggling to bring in new clients, to very quickly selling 5 of my most loved Brand Your Dream packages. Now, I am almost full to capacity!

I know that this happened because I finally “let go” of trying to control the darkness, aka “my lack of energy” to simply surrendering. 

To trusting. To releasing. To appreciating. 

I exchanged worry with faith, and the need to control with appreciation of all that I have, along with giving myself the space, support and love I needed.

And what happened?
My biz kind of had a little mini explosion – the good kind! And I am so deeply grateful! 

So, it’s no joke when I say that if you want to work with me personally and you are ready to take the leap of faith and finally Brand Your Dream, then please do reach out quite soon as I can feel that it won’t be long before I am at capacity. Click here to book a no-obligation discovery call with me here if you want to explore working with me.

And of course, this is the perfect time to re-introduce the gorgeously soulful Nicole Downing who is our first accredited coach (whoop whoop)! 

Nicole is ready to support and guide you through the Brand Your Dream process and has already started taking on clients. She is also a copy whizz and ready to  lovingly handle your social media channels. We have created 3 new social media packages to support the passionate but busy entrepreneur. If you like The Support Room’s social media, then know it’s thanks to Nicole! You will be in good hands!

So, all in all it’s been a bat shit crazy year, yes! But it has also been a year of growth – painful at times, but I managed to lean in enough to feel, to process, to appreciate and to grow.

Now, I invite you to look back at your year, no matter how hard and painful it might be. Allow yourself to find your way through the crappy times, and let the golden nugget show itself. I would love to hear what your golden nugget is, so please hit reply and let me know and let’s start a conversation. 

At the end of 2017, I interviewed many of you in the “One Year. One Lesson.” series and I would love to do so again. I have recently created a platform called Divine by Design, because I truly believe that ALL OF US are DIVINE BEINGS, divinely designed … perfectly imperfect. 

I believe our lessons are our gifts. I believe we all have a beautiful inner light, divinely designed for our own special adventures. 

If you would like to join me in an interview about your year, please let me know. What is personal is universal – and your story can inspire others! Just pop an email back to me and let’s set up the interview.

If you would like to chat to me about the Brand Your Dream package, click here to book a discovery call.

Most importantly, I invite you to look back at 2018 as a year of growth. Crappy yes, but a lesson to lead you into the light.

Sending so much love your way as you head into the holidays. May it be filled with joy and adventure, because life’s too short!

Yours in #BigBizLoveNicky


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