Running your own business can be stressful, and as an entrepreneur, you are expected to wear many hats. From designer to marketer to social media manager. And the reality is, that you simply can not do it all without running out of time and energy.

The Support Room was started with the purpose of supporting people in business as opposed to supporting business. 

It’s hardworking, passionate entrepreneurs like you that we want to support and the reality is that we can’t support you if we charge our standard agency rate of R450 an hour!

That’s why we created our Support in Abundance package.


This package gives you the opportunity to let us support you in a multitude of ways, for example:

+any design work (flyers, sales pages, email signatures, biz cards, you name it)

+ any website work (updates, landing pages, change in design etc)

+ any other work (newsletters, blogs, setting up email sequence etc)

But here’s the best part … you don’t have to pay normal agency fees! Our packages range from $20 to $27.50 (R200 – R275) an hour. 

Choose how many hours of work you need per month:

+ 5 hours at R275 / $27.50  per hour
= R1375 / $137.50 per month

+ 10 hours at R250 / $25 per hour
= R2500 / $250 per month

+ 20 hours at R200 / $20 per hour
= R4000 / $400 per month


+ hours don’t roll over
+ minimum six-month contract
+ pay monthly in advance
+ for social media support, see our Simply Social packages


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