Does managing your business social media make you want to pull your hair out? We get you.
I mean, you’re putting all this effort into running your business and now you have to maintain an online presence on top of that? It’s exhausting and you feel like you are always running out of time, energy and inspiration.
That’s where we come in.


Before you can start posting effectively on social media, we need to get back to the basics and create a plan of action.


Initial meeting to brainstorm your social media strategy
+ Creation of a content calendar (what to post and when)
+ Established content pillars (topics around which to base all of your social media content)
+ Professionally designed social media templates that can be used over and over to create images for your posts
+ Page optimisation (bio copy, call to action button, profile picture, cover image)
Social media training for best practices on chosen platform(s)

+BONUS: Optimised industry-specific hashtag library to ensure your posts reach the right people

+ 1 channel = R3500 / $350
+ Up to 3 channels = R4500 / $450

*once off cost
*prerequisite to Simply Social Monthly Management package


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The social strategy package sets the foundation and gives you everything you need to go on and maintain a professional social media presence. But, we get that you may not have the time or energy to post consistently every week.
That’s why we have another awesome (and super affordable) package for you!


Requirement: Simply Social Strategy package

This package is for people who don’t have the time, energy or inspiration for social media.

We’ll keep your social media looking gorgeous and professional by creating content, leaving room for you to come in and post if and when you are feeling inspired to do so.

No more stressing because you haven’t posted on social media in ages.
No more worrying about what people will think because your social media page is as dead as a dodo.

No more searching endlessly for articles and content to post.
No more spending hours trying to create images that look good to go with your post


This package does not include:
*monthly reporting
*fan/follower engagement

For a more robust package, check out our Love Me Social and Seriously Social Packages.

Custom packages available upon request.

We got your back. We’ll take the slog out of your social media, ensuring your online presence is active, consistent, meaningful and in alignment with your brand.

This is not a fully fledged social media management package. We don’t manage your social media, we support it!
In other words, our role is to support your social media. Your role is to bring your brand to life in your way, with your personal touch, BUT without the pressure!

You can literally post when you feel inspired or the moment is right.

Simple. Affordable. Easy!


+ Twice weekly, we will post on your preferred social media page for you.
+ Includes creating beautiful brand-aligned images
+ Includes copy to go with each post
+ All in alignment with your content pillars (that we established in the social strategy package)

INVESTMENT (6-month contract)
+ 1 channel = R3500 / $350 per month
+ 2 channels = R4000 / $400 per month
+ 3 channels = R4500 / $450 per month

(Same content is applied across all channels, using the social strategy specific for each channel)