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Honestly, one of the hardest times in my business came from being unclear. In fact, so many of you have been witness to me trying to get my biz off the ground and struggling to move forward.

When I started, I felt like I was going around in circles – nothing flowed. Why? Because I wasn’t clear about what the heck I actually wanted to do. I had so many ideas, so many possible avenues … but I seemed to stay stuck.

Learning to get clear – to step into my truth – to find the answers from within – that’s when it all started to shift and change. I went on one of Donna’s workshops / retreats and it’s like the magic within me was ignited. Oh, to be surrounded by people with big dreams, people who believe in miracles and people who allowed me to be me.

So many times I would hear: you teach most what you need to learn. Well, I would think and think and think – what is it that I’m learning? What is this one thing? What can I teach?

Too much thinking, not enough flowing!

I tried so hard to find the answers and get clear; sometimes I would shout to the heavens, “Enough now – just give me the damn answer!”

Looking back now, I can laugh. At the time, I cried. Looking back now, I can see how much I was working against the flow … trying so hard to build a business based on “what I thought the market wanted and needed” as opposed to building a business based on areas or topics that excite me, that interest me, that challenge me … that spark deep and meaningful conversations … ideas that I spend hours researching and that align with ME, what

I love and who I am. Looking back now, I see that the ANSWER was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, RIGHT WITHIN ME the whole time.

So, what took me so long to get clarity?

Me! I stood in my own way. I was too nervous to be me. To embrace all of me for fear of what people might think.

I would ask myself: Who is going to accept a business coach who asks you to close your eyes and breathe in and out? Who is going to hire a branding coach who asks you to “dream up” your brand? Well, as it turns out, many people!

Why? Because there is an abundance of people you can serve, in your way, doing your thing, that no-one else can do in a way that only that you do it.

And that’s the truth. There is an abundance of your dream clients on this earth. AN ABUNDANCE!!!

And the key to tapping into that abundance is CLARITY.

You have to get aligned to your truth (because it’s powerful and magnetic), and when you start LIVING YOUR TRUTH, well, then it all just flows. That’s when you experience abundance.

The word abundance comes from the Latin word which means OVERFLOWING so it’s time you start going with the flow, tapping into your heart and soul, doing things that make you happy and being true to you.

And, as you may know, I now do teach what I needed to learn the most …. (yes, those people were right 🤣) … I am blessed and honoured to be given the gift of helping people connect to their truth and uncover what it is they want to do, to get clarity and move forward.

If you are ready to step out of the fog and into the light, perhaps it’s time you too go within to find the answers. If you can’t afford my coaching packages, there are many other ways:

1. Take time out to be alone (go for a walk on the beach or in the park, take a drive – anything that gives you the space to be in your own space)

2. Breathe: As you breathe in and out, really connect to the universal life force that flows through you. Imagine the breath healing you on all areas of your life. Let the breath relax your body and mind.

3. Ask for clarity: Feeling relaxed and at peace, ask the universe to send you signs, to give you clarity and to gently lead you in the right direction. If you don’t know what you want, ask for clarity so that you do know what you want.

4. Surrender: Yeah, yeah – I keep talking about this but it’s like the little nugget of truth that brings so much light.

Or of course, book with me and we can have fun lighting up your path together.

So much love your way,


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