Nicky is passionate about helping women fully express their talents, dreams and potentials so that they can live a life of their dreams… which means living a life in alignment with their unique soul purpose.

This can only result in living a life filled with meaning, magic and moolah.

Book a session with Nicky if you:

+ Know deep down that there is more to life for you

+ Have passions or talents that are untapped

+ Have a million ideas and crave focus

+ Have no idea what you want and are tired of going around in circles

+ Feel stuck and need tools to take action and help you move forward

1. Clarity, Inspiration & Goal-Setting Package

Join me in this four to eight-week process where, together, we will work on getting you unstuck and moving forward. 

We’ll focus in on getting clarity with regards to what you truly desire out of life, and you’ll be given tools to help you take actionable steps.

This is my most loved package because I spent many years feeling like I was going around in circles. I know what it is like to:

+ feel fuzzy and confused,
+ struggle to make decisions
+ have low energy and feel uninspired

This all comes from having a lack of clarity.

Through a series of creative visualizations, breathing and coaching, I will help you connect into your inner wisdom without you even realizing it. In this gentle but powerful process, we allow clarity and inspiration to bubble up to the surface naturally and easily.

Once we have clarity, we’ll knuckle down and focus in on setting goals, helping you take actionable steps to move forward.

If you are looking for clarity, inspiration and a renewed zest for life, I would love to work with you.

This package has you working with me, one-on-one, in person or online. At times you will be given work to do on the side and in your own time. Each person is different, but this process typically takes 4-8 sessions.


2. Dream Buddy Package

Sometimes you just need a dream buddy to keep you motivated, support you and help you stay on track.

I’m Nicky Hartel, MD (Master Dreamer) of The Support Room, and I would love to support you in bringing your dreams into your reality.

The Dream Buddy Package consists of:

+ 1 Life Coaching session (in person or online) at the start of the process

+ 30 days of email coaching, motivation and inspiration from me to you to keep you on your toes and working towards achieving your dream

+ Daily access to me via email to answer any questions you may have (limited to one email a day, you will receive a detailed answer within 24 hours)

+ 1 Life Coaching session at the end to cement your progress

R3200 (with 2 life coaching sessions)
R2250 (without final closing life coaching session)

3. Soul Alignment Coaching Package

I believe we all have a divine soul purpose. Each and every one of us has a beautiful light inside, waiting to be ignited.

Once lit, we are able to shine our light out into the world, creating positive change.

Being human, many of us have lost our way and our light is no longer accessible. Trust me when I say it’s still there, and I would love to help you ignite it so that you can live out the full expression of who you are.

The Soul Alignment coaching package consists of:

+ Seven Card Soul Reading
+ Shining the light on your shadow
+ Getting clear on your dreams and goals
+ Cementing your desires and life vision
+ Tools to support you going forward

Every person is different, and I allow the process naturally but typically this process takes 6 to 8 sessions.

By the end of this process you willl:

+ be in alignment with your soul’s purpose
+ have clarity
+ feel focused, motivated and inspired
+ have an action plan
+ have tools to support you in moving forward
+ have ignited your inner light