It’s not your WHAT. It’s not your HOW. It’s your WHY.

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Imagine this…

You have just won an out of this world prize in a competition you entered recently. The prize is your very own, custom built and designed car.

Now, this is no ordinary car. It can talk to you – it can fly – it can change shape – it can pretty much do anything YOU want it to do and what’s more, it can take you wherever you want, whenever you want. Think of a fully paid up holiday for the rest of your life, with you at the wheel.

Shut. The. Car. Door.

Now, that’s one hell of a prize. There is only one condition – the car will only respond to you – it’s your car after all. Also, it fills up on your happy juice. It’s your own happiness that keeps it moving forward.

Ok, back to reality! There’s no such thing, right? I mean the whole idea is a little bit off the wall. A car that can take you anywhere at any time, with you and your happiness as the driving compass. That’s just far out.

Or is it?

Isn’t that exactly what your business is? It is a vehicle to take you places, and guess what – you have the power to control it – it’s all in your hands – you are at the wheel.

You get to choose the direction, the shape, the colours, the personality, the name, the pace, the fun factor, the desired route – it’s all YOU! If you are sitting there and shaking your head, I implore you to stop and really think about this.

Why shouldn’t you be at the wheel, with your hair waving in the wind, a big smile on your face, a happy heart, and an overflowing bank balance – with YOU at the helm?

Sitting firmly in your car with a happy heart and a map to follow, is what makes branding your biz a cinch.

After all, isn’t this attainment of joy and success why you started your business in the first place? What motived you to take the plunge to become an entrepreneur? What were your reasons? What is your WHY?

I am going to take a flyer here – could it be that you wanted more FREEDOM, more TIME, more of YOU?

Yes, yes and yes!

But, Nicky, what the hell does this have to do with BRANDING?

Well, everything! [ctt title=”Branding is SO MUCH more than just your logo and your tag-line, it is so much more than your font and your colour palette.” tweet=”Branding is SO MUCH more than just your logo and your tag-line, it is so much more than your font and your colour palette.” coverup=”bO9j6″]

As Seth Godin says,

Your logo is a reference, a symbol, a reminder of your brand. But your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.

What Seth is saying is that a brand is based on your story and carries feelings and emotions. It isn’t static – it is moving and meaningful.

Deep, right?

To expand on this new way of looking at branding, Simon Sinek says,

[ctt title=”People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. – Simon Sinek” tweet=”People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. – Simon Sinek” coverup=”Q4sWe”]

This, friends, is where branding begins. It begins with the WHY.

Your WHY is the beginning, the end and everything in between. It’s the driving force behind your business – it’s the happy juice that keeps your business moving forward, it forms the heart-beat of your business and the foundation of your brand.

In Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, he explains that it’s not your WHAT. It’s not your HOW. It’s your WHY.

Many people start with the WHAT and then figure out the HOW without giving the WHY a second thought.

And, let me tell you – it won’t work.

When I started The Support Room, I started with the WHAT. I came up with a bunch of service offerings that I knew I could offer (the what) and then I worked out how I was going to deliver these services (the how).

But, I skipped the WHY.

What happened you ask? Well, the business moved forward, then sideways, then backwards, then sideways, then forwards, then sideways. Why was my business going around in circles? Because I wasn’t at the wheel, with the wind blowing through my hair – I hadn’t cemented my WHY, my core beliefs and the essence of the business CLEARLY. There was an inkling of my WHY, but not a solid foundation.

Once you have a CLEAR WHY, it lays the foundation for your business – it informs every decision you make and it makes every step of the way easier – it helps you move forward smoothly and quickly.

It forms the basis of your branding, your identity and the way you communicate with your ideal client.

Ok, so how do we work out our why? Well, your why is based on your beliefs – it is the true essence of you and your business, your values and your core reason for operating.

Think of your business as a tree with each branch representing one of your services or products.

Each branch is connected to the trunk – it can’t survive without the trunk, which forms the basis of the tree. The branches or service offerings are the WHAT the trunk is the WHY which translates into your CORE BRAND STATEMENT, your underlying intention or common thread that your business together.


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