Come on, let’s be honest here – don’t you want to crawl under your desk and hope that when you come out, social media would have magically disappeared … giving you the space and freedom to stop wondering what and when to post and get on with running your business?

Posting of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter can be draining, exhausting and a huge time crunch.

So, why do it?

Well, because as much as it can make us want to tear our hair out, it does provide an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to connect with our potential clients in a way that traditional media can’t.

Let’s think about it – if social media didn’t exist and we were magically zooted back in time, we would have to rely on good old cold calling combined with print advertising and if we had the moola, perhaps a TV commercial or two.

Picture yourself cold calling. Now picture yourself walking on nails. Hmmm … which is worse? It’s a tough call!

That leaves paying for ads. Traditional advertising not only costs WAY MORE than online advertising, but it is also much less personal.

With Social Media, if you plan it properly, you are able to put your personality, your brand and your values across to your ideal client – you are able to bring YOU into your business – something that a newspaper ad would struggle to do.

More importantly though, you are also able to target your advertising so that you are talking to your ideal client. Through social media, you are able to grow an audience of interested people (that means that they are actually interested in your services). Just pause for a second and take that in. Imagine having a group of people wanting to listen to you and interested in your posts and blogs. Through social media you are able to position yourself as an expert, a person to trust in your field.

Yummy stuff.

Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight and it won’t happen unless you provide content that is VALUABLE to your ideal client.

And that brings us full circle to finding stuff to post and the big ol’ time suck that Social Media can be, as well as the frustration that comes with that.

So, what do you do?

Stop thinking about what you know and what information you can impart, and start thinking about what information will be helpful for your peeps. What problems or challenges are they having? How can you solve them? What information can you give that is actually VALUABLE and MEANINGFUL and hopefully ACTIONABLE.

The minute you start sharing your lane of genius and putting yourself out there, you will automatically elevate yourself above your competition. The moment you genuinely be yourself and make an effort to really get to know and connect with your audience, you are given the opportunity to make meaningful connections.

For those shaking your heads and saying, “meaningful relationships only happen face to face”… well, you would be wrong. Of course, face to face relationship building is the ultimate but Social Media is there for the taking and you would be a fool not to grab this pretty cool opportunity that this thing called the internet has given us.


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