No-one is you, and that, dear soul, is what makes you so damn powerful. 

** How comfortable are you with you?
** How well do you receive compliments?
** Are you in touch with the divine spark inside of you?

I can tell you that I am only just starting to settle comfortably into the arms of my own love and acceptance. I am only just starting to allow myself to fully receive and revel in the joy of compliments.

In the past, I would blush at kind words. I would feel myself writhing in discomfort whenever someone would say how amazing I am. I would do whatever is necessary to move the focus away from me and onto another topic.

Shew. Disaster averted.

What disaster though?

Why do we get so uncomfortable receiving praise? For me, I have learnt that it all boils down to self-worth. My own self-value and self-love.

I tend to struggle to receive love and praise because I struggle to love and praise myself.

I have also discovered through coaching my clients, that the one common theme that carries through 99% of the time is limited self-worth.  All problems, whether in business or life, chipped away and exposed, uncover the lack of self-worth and self-love that we have for ourselves.

It’s sad, yes. But, it also means that to move out of struggle and into ease, all we need to do is to start throwing a bit of delicious self-love our way.

But knowing something and implementing something is not the same thing. Knowing you have to practice self-love and knowing HOW to practice self-love are two different things.

It’s not that easy. You can’t just flick a switch and voila, your self-love and self-worth has moved from a 4/10 to a 10/10.

But what you can do, is take time to get to know yourself a little better. Yup, be with yourself. Ask yourself questions. Journal. Get to know YOU.

As they say, awareness is the first step to change. If you can shine the light on all of you, you can start appreciating and loving all of you.

In all honesty, this is why my business coaching or website packages are so different .. because we focus in on YOU first.

YOU are an integral part of your business and if you want to grow your business, we need to grow YOU.

We need to grow your understanding of:
+ what makes you tick,
+ what inspires you,
+ what your strengths are, and
+ what your weaknesses are so that we can take powerful, inspired and informed action.

When you shine the light on you, you can shine the love on you, and before long you will feel your life and business shift. 

It’s powerful stuff.

Now you may be asking how you can do this practically.

Here are a few ways:

A. Imagine you are nurturing a relationship with someone special

The best way is to think of creating and nurturing a relationship. If you were to nurture your relationship with another person, what would you do? Now apply the same to yourself. 


The first logical step is to carve out time for you. If you feel uneasiness when reading this, then YOU need this the most.

Taking time for yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary!!!! 

Take time out to journal.
Take time out to do what lights you up.
Take time to just sit with your thoughts.
Take time to contemplate.
Take time to dream.

Essentially, you need to take time to connect in with the essence of who you are, whether that be meditating, swimming, going for a massage, hiking, listening to music or drawing.

The key here is to take time to just BE YOU. 


If you are serious about making positive changes in your life, then trust me when I say it all comes back to YOU. Truly, the magic and the answers lie within. I spent many years and a bucket load of money on courses and coaches, but the coach that helped me the most was the one that helped me go within and find my own answers.

I believe that going inwards to change what is happening outwards is the only way, but it can be painful and daunting.

Eeeekkkkk, not everyone wants to shine light on the dark, unknown and deep-seated fears. The thought of going inwards is scary.

It’s for this very reason that I have resisted going within, and still do at times. It is a continual learning process, but one thing is for sure, I have committed to the process of loving myself and improving my own self-worth. 

Right here, right now – I invite you to close your eyes and take a few moments to commit to nurturing your own relationship with YOU?  You could even write a letter to yourself or create a screen-saver that highlights your commitment to you.


Oh yes, juicy, delicious and all-encompassing, unconditional love. Not so easy to apply to yourself, especially when you are aware of all your flaws, right?

If it was easy, and we weren’t human then I wouldn’t be able to write a whole post on the topic of self-love. We seem to struggle with showering ourselves unashamedly with love. And yet, it critical to our happiness.

As Pierre Corneille says, “Self-love is the source of all other loves.”  The source of all other loves. The source! So, yes, it starts with you. 

B. Positive self-talk and thoughts

Tip 1:  Imagine that you are talking to your inner child inside of you. Or you can cast your mind back to when you were a young child, see yourself and imagine what you would say to her? Isn’t it true that you would want the best for her and that you would shower her with kind and loving words. Damn straight, so if she deserves your love and kindness, so do you!

Tip 2: Start practicing daily affirmations. A beautiful and simple affirmation is”

 “I love all that I am, just as I am.”

Repeat this as often as possible. Commit to saying it every day by linking it to an activity you already do every day – like brushing your teeth. 

Tip 3: Write a list of all your positive traits, both personally and in your career or business. You can even email those closest to you and ask them to tell you what your best qualities are. Then take the time to read and soak it in. Yes, you are amazing!!

Tip 4: Start the day with positive thoughts. When you wake up, take time out to be still and:
* focus in on what’s good in your life and allow appreciation to flow through you
* say your affirmations (out loud or in your head)
* journal or meditate (or do something that lights up your soul even if it’s listening to music)

Momentum is a scientific phenomenon. How you start your day, and your morning thoughts will impact the rest of your day.

C. Shift your state through appreciation

Falling into gratitude and appreciation is important to do when things are wobbly and even when things are going well. I really do believe that appreciation is the underlying foundation of JOY

So, if you hear your negative self-talk bubbling up, or if you know you are being hard on yourself … stop. Just stop.

And then shift into gratitude and appreciation.

Do you know that you can shift your state in 17 seconds?

Yes, it’s true. It only needs to take a few seconds for you to stop the negative self-talk, move into gratitude, and then allow the positive momentum to kick in.

So, dear soul, it is time to claim your awesomeness, to shine your light, to revel in YOU. Don’t waste time looking to others for your own growth and success … your magic lies within.

No-one is you, and that is your super-power!!!

To you!

Big love

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