How to create inspired content when your idea pool is empty

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Soul notes

You are trying to create content for your business.

You’ve been told you need to.

You really want to.

But you are stuck.

Every time you think of creating content, you hit a blank and freeze. It feels like your idea pool is empty. It’s not stagefright, it’s content creation fright. First off, know you are not alone. This is such a common experience and really, it doesn’t have to be. My advice:

1. Just be you, darlin’.

This may sound cliche, but I invite you to let this truth sink in. Creating content is simply YOU sharing YOUR MESSAGE in YOUR WAY Did you know that the word ‘author’ has Middle English links to the word “authentic”?  Creating content is simply you being your authentic you in a way that is natural and easy. It doesn’t have to be hard.

And so, let’s take the pressure off content creation. Let’s approach it without all the do’s, don’ts, rules and must-haves. Let’s rather have fun with it.

Do you go to a party and plan everything you are going to say in advance?

I hope not.

Isn’t it better to go to a party and simply enjoy it, to mingle and interact in your own way? Whether it’s being the life of the party or preferring to chat quietly in the corner … it doesn’t matter … as long as you are comfortable and just being you.

So, how do I do this practically, I hear you ask?

Well, this brings me to my second point.

2. Draw from Inspiration

The easiest way to create content that flows is to create it from a place of inspiration. Have you ever watched a video or read a blog, and wanted to yawn halfway through? Well, that’s probably because the content wasn’t inspired and/or inspiring. Compare this to watching a video of let’s say Gary Vaynerchuk and I can bet my teal takkies that you aren’t going to be yawning. Yes, he is high energy but more than that, he is REAL. He s authentic. He is inspired.

And inspiration is infectious – you can feel the energy flow, you can feel the “realness” of it and when people start to “feel you”, well that’s when they start connecting and resonating with you.

That’s when you form an emotional connection. Have you ever heard a coach tell you that people buy from people? Then they go on and tell you that people buy from people they know, like and trust. I remember hearing this and spending hours trying to figure out what content I could create to get people to know, like and trust me? When all I needed to do was show up, as me … sharing what inspires me, what ignites me in my own authentic way. It really can be that simple.

Now, unfortunately, we can’t all just turn on the inspiration switch and voila, we have light. So, what do we do?

We do what feels good.

Yup, you heard me. I teach this all the time, so forgive me if you have heard this before, but

  • Get an ice-cream and walk on the beach
  • Lie in the garden and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin
  • Turn up the volume and dance to your favourite track

Not for you?

Well, do whatever blows your hair back – whether it’s painting, or swimming, or reading, or biking, or journaling. It doesn’t matter really, as long as it makes you happy.

And then, when you are feeling inspired, create your content, write your love notes, check in with your followers, shoot a quick video … do your thang!

Don’t overthink the process of content generation too much … all you are doing is communicating and sharing your wisdom and knowledge – and for the inspiration to shine through, you need to feel comfortable – which leads us into point number 3.

3. Feel into your preferred way of communicating 

Do what works for you. If you aren’t very good at writing and stumble over your written words, then do a video. If the thought of creating a video makes your legs wobble like a serving of slap chips, record create an audio.

If you are relaxed, and sharing juicy info that interests you,  then your audience will “feel” you. The truth is that only “realness” can promote “realness” and before you know it, voila, you are creating content that people love.

And guess what, if they don’t love it, they aren’t your ideal client so don’t give a sosatie stick about it. Please don’t fall into the trap of creating content for everyone because you are worried about leave people out. The broader your message, the more diluted it is, the less likely you are to create a meaningful connection.

And, connection is where it’s at!

4. Imagine you are connecting with a friend

You heard me – just imagine that you are chatting to a friend. We don’t want a stiff and formal article … we want you to connect with us, and feel as if you are talking straight into our hearts.

Your clients are people, just like you – and they really want to work with people, just like them. Yes, you may be different, but it’s all about creating a connection.

In order to connect with your readers, you have to know:

  • who they are
  • what they like
  • what they don’t like,
  • how they feel, and
  • what they dream about.

And then? Create content around that.

If you aren’t sure where to start, look back at the clients you have enjoyed working with in the past, and answer these questions with them in mind. If you are a new business, and you don’t have previous clients, don’t fret … it means you have an awesome opportunity to dream up your ideal client and get clear on who you want to work with. You could look back at your previous jobs or businesses, and see if there are any trends with regards to the type of people you worked well with when delivering a service.

5. Create content that is helpful

Another easy way to create a connection is to share valuable information that actually helps your dream clients in a practical way so that they feel the impact of the work that you do.

As a starting point, you can look back at your previous clients and pinpoint the first entry point in your relationship – what was it that they first needed help with? What words did they use in their enquiry to you?

Create content around their actual questions using their actual words. (This tactic is also very helpful when creating proposals and quotes; use their words to describe the problem and solution).

The result? They want to open the email or blog, they resonate with the information, they apply the “value-driven” info and they start to like you.

6. Create a content journey

Once you have identified what your clients ask you for help with, step into their shoes and imagine walking their path, creating content based on their actual journey.

Let’s say, for example, you supply and deliver family banting meals to busy moms.

The first logical question a new banting mom might have is where they can find banting products.

And so, your first blog post could simply be “The best banting suppliers and restaurants in.

Once the potential client has sourced banting products, he or she might want to start cooking at home. So, it makes sense that on this banting journey, the next logical topic could be:

“5 easy and quick on-the-go banting recipes”

Once they are comfortable with cooking quick and easy meals, they want to move onto more advanced family meals, and so your next topic could centre on that.

And so the journey goes on.

When creating your own content journey, make sure your content is valuable, meaningful and preferably actionable. If they can do something with the information you provided, and the recommended action works well, then you are starting to build trust.

Remember, your ideal client has to know, like and trust you before they will buy from you. In fact, it would be great if they not only like you, but fall a little bit in love with you too. They won’t only be wanting to buy from you, they will then be looking at you for recommendations.

7. Create content (and run a business) you believe in

If you are struggling with content creation, ask yourself if this business you have started is really the business you want to run. I am not interested in how many blueprints and formulas you apply to a business, if the passion is missing in action, you might find procrastination creeps in when you have to create content. 

If, on the other hand, you lurve your business and you believe in it with all your heart – it is much easier to tap into inspiration which takes us back to point number 1. See what I did there?

As Simon Sinek says: “What authenticity means is the things you say and the things you do you actually believe. … When you only say and only do the things you actually believe, people will trust you. And when you don’t say the things you believe — you’re just trying to get some sort of short-term behaviour — people won’t trust you. So, the importance and value of being authentic is that it’s in your long-term interest that people will support you and stand by you. People will put up with your failures. People will help you for no other reason than it helps them.” Simon Sinek

Wishing you oodles of inspiration in creating your own content journey for your dream clients.

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